• AMAS-2618BD Replacement Air Pump (4 port, wireless remote)

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    * These air pumps can be used with any brand or style of air mattress.

    AMAS-2618BD Replacement Air Pump (4 port, wireless remote)

    AMAS‐2618BD Wireless Remote Air Pump

    AMAS‐2618BD Wireless Remote


    Model AMAS‐2618BD air pump is designed to adjust the pressure in 4 chambers for maximum comfort. With the latest 2.4GHz digital wireless and MCU control technology, easy to operate, elegant looks, low power consumption and low noise, it is an ideal pump for adjustable air mattresses.

    This air pump can be configured to fit most brands of air beds.

    Technical Specifications

    • Pressure adjustable: Max. 65mbar (100 shown on LCD represents 65mbar as actual pressure in air chamber)
    • Flow Rate: 20LPM
    • Voltage: DC12V (Power supply: 100‐240VAC/50‐60HZ)
    • Noise Level:45dB
    • Control Mode: wireless
    • Operating Power: 25W
    • Standby Power: 2W

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